MEMS Research and Short Courses

Micro Instrumentation Laboratory

Director: Dr. A. Bruno Frazier

Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Van Leer Building
Atlanta, GA 30332

Laboratory Overview

micro needleThe Micro Instrumentation Laboratory is an integrated set of research and instructional laboratories dedicated to the development of micro scale instrumentation systems. The Micro Instrumentation Laboratory is under the direction of Dr. A. Bruno Frazier. The laboratory consists of 5 processing / testing bays dedicated to different purposes. Currently, there are between 15 and 20 students (graduate and undergraduate) working in the Micro Instrumentation Research Laboratory. The students have a mixed technical background, including electrical engineering, bioengineering, biology, mechanical engineering, materials science, and physics. The projects are as varied as the students. In general, the research projects can be categorized as either bio instrumentation or electronic instrumentation.

SEMThe Micro Instrumentation Instructional Laboratory is dedicated to the development of technical expertise in personnel interested in micro scale systems. A one semester course series is offered as a technical elective for upper level undergraduates with a variety of special topics courses offered at the graduate level. Additionally, there is an industrial educational component to the MIIL. Namely, the MEMS Bootcamp is an industrial short course offered as a concentrated, hands-on, technical course for MEMS, microsystems technology, and micromachining.

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